About Us

Let Social Fashion take care of styling outfits for you, and all those everyday events in your life. 

Do you ever stare at your closet wondering what to wear on a first date? Or those weekly college parties? Saturday sleepovers with the girls? How about a summer pool party? The dreaded first time meeting their parents?

Instead of shopping for an item, shop for the event! With us, no more staring at dozens of pages of skirts and dresses online, or the stress of going into stores and coming out empty handed.

We want women to go out into the world everyday and feel confident in what they are wearing. All women can be socialites if given the right outfit.


Our Founder:

Social Fashion was founded by Dorothy Fuqua after getting one too many calls from friends having trouble finding the right thing to wear. Dorothy decided to create Social Fashion so all those women out there, who don’t have the time or energy to put together an outfit, can now have a safe place to shop or simply look for inspiration. Dorothy currently lives and runs Social Fashion from NYC, and is often seen walking the streets of SoHo for inspiration.

How it Works!

We’ve done the searching for you! With pieces from dozens of brands, simply click on shop and browse through all our events -- which constantly change -- to find the event that best meets your social schedule. From there, you can browse by outfit and put the whole thing in your cart, or just pick and choose pieces if you prefer to style yourself.


Interested in joining our team?

Become a ‘socialite’ by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and filling out a quick application!