The Sorority Series: Pinwear

The Sorority Series: Pinwear

Hey Socialites! 

How are you feeling now that Rush season is over? We hope you’re settling in well with your new sisters (but we know you are because, c’mon, who wouldn’t love you?) So, now that you’re in your New Member Moment, we know what you’re thinking….

“What am I going to do about Pinwear?!”

It’s hard finding just the right fit. You want to be cute, fun, and unique without breaking traditional dress code. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below find some of our favorite all-white looks, perfect for the upcoming ceremony.

First up, the Amica Dress!

If you’re looking to push the boundaries a bit, this is the dress for you. A tighter fit calls attention to all the right assets but the ruffled bottom keeps things light and sweet. With a super sturdy and stretchy fabric, this dress keeps you looking and feeling your best all day long. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the praise, it’s all part of the Amica effect.



If the Amica Dress isn’t quite your style, how about the Mini Quinn Dress (one of our personal favs here in the office)!


This super cute dress is the perfect introduction to a lifetime of sisterhood. The short, puffed sleeves keep things classically sweet while the waist tie gives you just enough definition to make a subtle statement. The fitted-on-the-top, flowy-on-the-bottom structure paired with the puffy sleeves creates the perfect silhouette. Trust us, compliments are a given when it comes to this dress.


Last but not least, the perfect set: the Amina Top and Catherine Skirt.

Matching sets have been all the rage this year and it’s not hard to figure out why. Monochrome looks clean and crisp, and when it comes it white you’ll feel like you finally cracked the code. The Amina Top offers a more modest, industrial look in contrast with the Catherine Skirt’s more sweet, playful touch. Together, the two create a balanced, timeless look, perfect for carrying on the pinning tradition. 

Now what are you waiting for? Go snag your perfect Pinwear look!

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