The Sorority Series: Recruitment/Rush

Summer is drawing to a close. It’s almost Back to School season. But nestled in the serenity between summer and school nights lies the most exciting time of any Socialite’s year: Sorority Recruitment!

It’s fun, it’s exciting, and just a little bit chaotic. Everyone’s vying for Best Dressed and looking for their forever sisters. Let’s be honest…it can be overwhelming.

We know planning the perfect fit can be a bit daunting. There’s a lot of questions and trend predicting involved, “Is this color okay? How’s the fit of this dress?” We know, it’s a lot, but you’re in luck!

We created a one-stop-shop, ultimate Sorority Season Guide to keep the pressure off and you looking your best. First event of the year, Recruitment. Let’s dive in!

Meet the Greeks

It’s Day 1. Big day! The day you meet all the sororities. You’ve got your school provided shirt, but what will you pair it with? You want to be comfy for all the moving around, but still cute enough to make a good first impression. 


We’d go for the Party Rock Chloe Low Rise Boyfriend jeans! 

Party Rock Chloe Low Rise Boyfriend

You’ll have the perfect relaxed look in these. On trend with a little bit of edge and sturdy enough to last you the whole day. You’ll definitely make an impression in these. 


It’s Sisterhood round! You’ve gotten to know the girls a little bit, you’re starting to make your choice, visiting less houses, it’s time to up the style. 

We love this sweet combo: the Ruffled Baker Bodysuit + the Long Flowing Navy Blue Skirt with Polka Dots.

It’s chic, it’s fun, and so cute and flirty. Plus, long skirts are so in right now. 


Round 3! Philanthropy is all about showing up for your community and getting to know your future sisters even better. As you get closer to the end, the style game doesn't stop. You want to show you’re unique yet down to support any good cause. 

There’s no better way to show it than with the Conway Top

Conway Top

This top is sure to catch the eye of anyone in the know. It’s fun yet clean pattern with a super structured top screams knows how to have fun but can pull it together when you need to. And let’s be honest, no one else will have any like it. 

Pref Round

The round we’ve all been waiting’s Pref! If there’s any night to impress, it’s this one. You’re down to your top 2 houses. It’s game time. 

And we think the Porter Dress NYC is a perfect fit!

Porter Dress NYC

With a sturdy, clean fabric in a super fun, colorful pattern, and an out-of-the-box neckline you’ll be rocking the room along with your bid-winning personality. 


We know Sorority Recruitment can be stressful. But we want you walking in those houses feeling like your most confident, cool, best self. You’ve already got the goods—brains, humor, and the cutest smile ever—we’re just here to elevate what’s there. 

Best of luck, Socialites! Let the mingling begin. 

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