Socialite Aleksandra Goldberg

Favorite Brand: Hunter Bell

Favorite Accessory: A classic pair of chunky gold hoop earrings

My Style: Come for the trend, stay for the comfort

Ideal Weekend Activity: Picnic hang in the park with friends

The way I feel is at the forefront of any outfit anatomy. Feeling comfortable and confident is my #1 priority. If I really like a dress but it’s just a little but tight someplace or something isn’t falling the way I want it to, I don’t buy it. Fashion is about wearing pieces that make you feel like you—you shouldn’t have to think about the way your clothes fit after you walk out the door. My style used to be a bit more reserved, but the pandemic has shown me the simple act of leaving the house can be an event. Now I say go big or go home!

Experimenting with shapes is a big part of my style. I’m usually going for a certain silhouette and try to combine pieces that fit the image in my head. Some days I go for a baggier look with wide-leg jeans and an oversized tee; some days I’m feeling a little extra girly so I go for a dress and sandals. I love a big-shirt-little-pants or little-shirt-big-pants moment. I try to switch it up. I always top off a look with a pair of earrings and rings, I can’t leave home without them.

I’ve been really loving all the Hunter Bell pieces lately. They always produce the highest quality in the cutest cuts, colors, and patterns. The structure of the tops and room to move in their dresses allows you to create tons of different looks. It’s hard not to feel good wearing them.

Social Fashion allows you to create a diverse collection perfect for mixing and matching for any occasion. With so many options you never run out of ideas.

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