Fall Clothes Colors: Choose the Best Colors for the Season

Choose the best colors for Fall!

Each new season brings with it a ton of changes - the weather is different, outdoor events and sports are anticipated, and - our personal favorite - new clothes and colors to wear!

Whether you're a big fan of high fashion clothing or prefer something more mid-range in terms of cost and appearance, fall colors are something that you can be excited about.

Today, we're going to explore some of the fall clothes colors that will allow you to take full advantage of this exciting new season.

Deep Yellow

Sprinkling yellow into an outfit has always been a popular, regardless of the season. It takes a bit of a break during the winter, but you'll see all types of yellows during the spring and summer seasons. The only difference is that the fall is typically the time for darker yellows such as mustard, butterscotch, and deeper hues that more closely resemble the changing colors of leaves.

Navy Blue & Mustard

As far as color combinations go, a lot of people may not consider how great blue and yellow can go together. More specifically, pairing navy blue and mustard will give give any outfit a uniquely fall look. Mustard yellow also pairs very well with deep purple along with other fall favorites such as brown, russet, and orange.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are a very popular part of summer fashion. Perhaps this is because of the infamous idea of a cute little summer dress, which has been a staple for a very long time. Not so recently, however, floral prints have bled over into the fall season, as well. Mixed with other fall clothes colors, floral patterns can give you a spectacular look.

Burgundy & Berry

Deep reds such as burgundy and berry have been Fall and Winter mainstays for quite a few years. This includes both light and darker shades of purple, so if you have any of these in your wardrobe, bring them out! All of these are seen as more festive during the fall season and is indicative of the upcoming holidays that will soon be right around the corner.

Various Greens

Some of the most common fall clothes colors are a variety of green hues. Not only does this represent the changing leaves that are common during the season, but greens will compliment any skin tone or hair color quite nicely. Olive green is often the most popular, but darker choices such as emerald, will give your ensemble a more striking appearance.

Metallic Sweaters

Like many things, fashion can definitely be cyclical. In recent days, metallic sweaters that were often worn back in the 70's have become more commonplace. When people think of metallic sweaters, silver and gold will often spring to mind, but metallic brown, navy blue, and yellow look pretty darn good, too. All of these metallic sweaters will go with a variety of normal textures, so you can have your pick.

Blue & Gray

Those of us who have discovered the power of gray with blue undertones have never looked back. The most striking combination, however, is a neutral gray paired with a deep blue.

This is an especially good paring when combined with a white tank top and jeans or even silver. A blue and gray color combination looks great with cardigans, jackets, dresses, and so much more. Perfect for a casual date night!

Warm Browns

As you might have guessed, browns are also representative of the fall season and its changing leaves. In fact, this will probably be the most common color you'll see in clothing during these next few months. Whether you're sporting a cardigan or midi skirt, you're going to look fantastic. Match it with a natural shade of makeup and you have yourself a winner.

Bold Colors

Fall seasonal colors tend to be a bit muted or maybe on the softer side, but you should definitely feel free to go bold. Every year, it seems that more and more women venture forth with bolder colors, including reds and bright yellows. You can also mix and match this with black and white for a gorgeously divine outfit that can be either casual or classy - or both!

Striped Tops

If you thought the striped tops you picked up over the summer would be going unused for a few months, guess again! The truth is that stripes pretty much go with every season, but they've become even more common during the fall than ever before. The best part is you can basically choose any color of striping that you'd like, and it'll look great with the rest of the fall colors.


If you're familiar with summer fashion, you probably know pastels have been a staple for years. Well, if you're a fan of pastels, you're going to love the fact that they have moved into the fall season! This means your pastel summer outfits won't need to sit in the closet for the next several months. To achieve a unique fall look, pair it with an attractive blazer and maybe some boots.

Fall Boots

Speaking of boots, you need to add a few pairs of fall boots to your closet. In terms of color, a few of the most popular types include sage, brown, and maroon. These will not only stand out amongst other colors, but will create a nice accent with a variety of hues that you can choose for your jeans, tops, dresses, etc.

Camels & Nudes

Despite what we said here about darker colors and even bolder colors, neutrals typically dominate the fall season. Perhaps this is because today's fashion is following the rise of minimalism. If you decide to go neutral, then definitely stock up on camels and nudes.

The best texture for these are found in silk, suede, wool, and leather. Despite the minimalistic nature, don't be afraid to incorporate a floral pattern or something similar.

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