Executive Director Operations', Maren Naegele, First Date Style Guide

Executive Director Operations', Maren Naegele, First Date Style Guide
Dating in New York City is like playing the game of Go Fish. Actually, perhaps to be more accurate, dating in NYC is like partaking in the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled challenge. On the outside, all the Jelly Beans look delightful (+ dare I say seem normal) however, the moment of truth is when you try the bean and taste either a delicious or terrible flavor. Quite frankly...dating is the same. 

Let me speak from my experience. NYC is in an era where everybody looks prospectively attractive with a mask covering the majority of their faces. I mean, let us be real for a minute, I will be the first to admit the mask really emphasizes my blue eyes while mysteriously covering the insecurities of my nose. Even if masks were to become un-mandated (yes, I know that is not a real word), I might just continue to fashion one, you know, in order to add to the mystical ambiance of what lies beneath my mask. Anyways, that is besides the point. 

Men (or whatever species you find attractive), specifically in masks, are the Jelly Beans in the challenge. They are seemingly good-looking. Same goes for the men on any dating app. I mean duh, the point of apps is to sell yourself as a potential dating-candidate not a narsty bean. However, the moment of truth is when you actually show up on the date and converse. The conversation either makes you want to drink your way out of the date or forget you even have a drink in front of you because you are staring into your future husband’s eyes. 

Regardless of whatever bean (or man) you end up with, be it good or bad, the most important thing about dating is making yourself feel like a confident Queen. And, that starts with the outfit. I know I cannot be the only one who spends over two hours picking the perfect fit for a first date. Here’s the thing, it frankly does not matter if I am getting drinks with the Prince of Greece or dinner with the midwesterner from work, because this girl is gonna flaunt what she has and who she is on any first date. Here is my mentality, even if I end up with the most yucky bean (or date) ever, at least I look and feel like the most beautiful, radiant, and delicious bean that has ever done-did-existed. 

With all that being said, I give you my opinionated First-Date-Lookbook-Bean-Edition. Let the challenge, I mean dating, begin!

Tutti Fruitti - Let’s get colorful girls! Nothing screams confidence more than a bright pink fit. Even if you end up with a stinky-sock of a date, at least you can strut your stuff through the streets of NYC looking like America’s Next Top Model.  

Pink Skinny Strap Top - The Kooples

Pink Wash Denim - The Kooples

Berry Blue - She’s cool and calm and collective. Dare I say more. Even if the date turns out to taste like toothpaste, she don’t need no mans. She always stays minty fresh. 

Blue Midi Dress with Hawaiian Print - The Kooples

Blue Denim Jacket with Studs All Over - The Kooples

Birthday Cake - Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Thank you Mr. Dirty Dishwater for my FREE birthday drink.

Tammie Top - Ramy Brook

Silver Heart Jude Crop Jean - Black Orchid Denim

Pomegranate - Miss Girl is looking fine in red while Mr. Mans over there is peeling like an old bandage. Get this girl a red carpet and the paparazzi! 

Bixby Mini Dress - Show Me Your Mumu



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