8 Tips on How to Dress for Cocktails Tonight!


What to wear for your cocktail date!

If you have a cocktail date coming up and aren’t sure what you should wear, don’t worry - we got you covered! By following just a few simple tips, you’ll be able to achieve an extravagant look.

Here are some basic rules to follow when you need to dress for cocktails:

Watch the Hemline & Neckline

Although it's common for a cocktail party dress to be considered sexy, it's best to leave your more revealing dresses out of the running for this one. After all, cocktails are a somewhat formal affair which means you don't want to look as if you're ready to go clubbing afterwards. Just be sure that you pay close attention to both the hemline and neckline so that what you're wearing isn't too short or revealing.

Wear Midi-Length Dresses

Although it's important that your dress not be too short, as indicated above, it's also important that the dress isn't too long. There's no reason to wear a huge gown that trails out behind you to a cocktail party. If you're looking for the perfect length and formal appearance, an elegant midi-dress will work perfectly.

Consider Trousers, Not Jeans

The social apparel you choose for a cocktail party doesn't mean you're limited to dresses. Wearing trousers as part of a pantsuit attire along with a pair of heels and formal blouse is a great way to look different yet stylish. Just keep in mind that since a cocktail party is a bit fancy, you don’t want to attend wearing a pair of jeans no matter how great you think they look.

Wear Heels or Platforms

Perhaps the idea of flip-flops or sneakers at a cocktail party offends you or you simply can't believe any woman would wear a pair to that type of event, but it happens. Whether your apparel consists of a slinky dress or attractive pantsuit, you want to pair this attire with either a nice pair of heels or platforms. Flip-flops and other types of casual shoes are an absolute no-no for this kind of party.

Be Careful with Accessories

When you dress for cocktails, your goal is to be stylish but not too fancy. Women will often show up at a cocktail party wearing several different accessories, but this isn't really the place. Instead, you should choose one piece of jewelry that stands out - often referred to as a statement piece - so that you can show it off without other accessories distracting attention away from it.

Hide Your Undergarments

As a rule, it's best to leave some things to the imagination. Yes, we're aware it's perfectly fine to allow an undergarment to peek out from beneath your outfit in certain situations, but this kind of look isn't kosher for a cocktail party. As a general rule, go for darker colors and choose clothing that keeps undergarments tucked away or wear special items such as a strapless bra or nude undergarments.

Clean the Dress, As Needed

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we're guessing that you've been to a somewhat fancy event only to see a woman wearing a wrinkled or crumpled dress. Even if your dress is the most gorgeous one you can find on the planet and is considered high-fashion clothing, the effect will be totally ruined if it doesn't look clean and fresh. Either dry clean or steam the dress prior to the party and also check for any areas that might need to be repaired.

Take a Clutch, not a Handbag

If you've ever been to a cocktail party, you're probably already aware that there's a certain amount of elegance and grace involved. Hauling around a bulky purse or handbag doesn't really match the atmosphere of this type of party. Instead, take a clutch along with you that goes with your dress. These are easy to carry and will hold enough accessories for the night.

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