7 Tips to Organize Your Closet


Organize your closet with these tips!

Buying new clothes for your wardrobe is a wonderful feeling, but if your closet is getting a little packed or out of control, then it's time to take action. Today, we're going to give you several tips that will help you organize your closet. By the time you're done following our suggestions, your closet will be more organized, cleaner, and more accessible.

Remove Everything and Categorize It

Start things off by completely emptying your closet of clothes, shoes, boxes, knick knacks, and whatever else is in there. Then, figure out a few different categories and split everything up. Once that's done, clean the closet by removing debris and wiping everything down before you put anything back.

Get Rid of Clothing You Don’t Wear

A big part of cleaning and organizing your closet is removing any clothing items you haven't worn in a while. If you have any clothes that are too loose or too tight on you, then you should consider getting rid of it unless your goal is to fit into again someday. You should also get rid of clothes that are damaged or show signs of aging.

Donate Things You Don’t Want or Need

When you organize your closet, there are going to be items that are of no use and you'll toss those away. If there are clothing items that are old but still salvageable but you don't want to wear them anymore, take them down to your local Goodwill or other donation center. The same goes for any other items that you think other people may need or enjoy.

Organize the Closet into Sections

Before you start putting things back into the closet, make sure you've separated it into sections. If possible, create different areas for high-fashion clothing, social apparel, work clothes, and lazy wear so that you can grab things faster. You can also create sections for boxed up items such as books, board games, holiday stuff, legal documents, etc. to create uniformity.

Don’t Forget About Vertical Space

When searching for usable space in your closet, don't forget to look up. Most closets have an area above where the clothes are located which is perfect for storing items. Pick up some boxes that will fit in these vertical spots and then fill them with items that you need to store and will only access on occasion.

Use Bins, Baskets, and Labels

The use of bins and baskets is a great way to organize your closet and have quick access to the items you need. You can use baskets and bins for everything from ties and scarves to belts and jewelry. If you divide items amongst plastic containers, then you may also want to label each of these for easy identification.

Create a Dedicated Shoe Rack

If you're like most people, you have several pairs of shoes for casual wear, work attire, exercising, formal wear, and others. The best way to deal with this closet organization is to create a dedicated shoe rack for all your footwear. This is a much better option than throwing all your shoes into a single bin and hunting for what you need.

Contact Social Fashion for Your Clothing Needs

Social Fashion can help you find the perfect clothing items for any event and then teach you how to organize your closet. If you have questions about any of our products or would like further help with organization, contact us through our website and we’ll get back to you.

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